Monday, August 18, 2014

The Best Parts

Who says that only children should dress-up?!

Sometimes the best parts of writing are the things you read. And the best parts of the things you read are the worlds and characters that draw you in and inspire you.

So in honor of Cassanra Clare and her various Shadowhunter books, I will be cosplaying a shadowhunter from her fantastic world. I will have a preliminary costome on Saturday of Montreal's Otakuthon (August 23, 2014) and then reprise the role with the finished work at Montreal's Comic-Con (September 13, 2014).

Much of the costume is pieced together with some creative aspects and some arts & crafts. I will post step-by-steps of the craft work here. And if you want to see some of the incredible things my friend did, check out Ethan's shadowhunter accessories!

Ethan's Shadowhunter Stele:

Ethan's Shadowhunter Bracers:

I will be working on a bow, arrows, leather armor, silver knives, and later special item. These special items will include a witchlight (a glowing stone) and crystal blades (that will hopefully glow too).

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