Monday, August 11, 2014

Let's Write!

SO! You or your son or daughter want to be a writer!
Contact me if interested.

Welcome to the Young Writers After School Program (part of NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month: ) where your child will have an opportunity to learn fun writing skills, learn to compose a short story, edit their work, and then see it manifest into a published anthology! Children will also learn valuable life skills as they organize and promote a Book Launch in the spring.

This after school program will run on Fridays 2-6pm (open sessions, come anytime within these hours) from September 26th through February 27th. There are 20 planned sessions (October, November, January, February). September session is an introduction for parents and children. December is open and free for extra writing practice over the holidays. When the session is over, there will be a formal book launch in March and every student will receive a free copy of the anthology.

Schedule Fridays 2-6pm:

September 26th - Introduction: So you want to be a writer!
October 3rd - Character Development
October 10th - Conflict and Challenges
October 17th - PLOT
October 24th - Settings
October 31st - Storyboard / Outlining the Story
November 7th - 28th - Write WRITE Write with NaNoWriMo Challenge
December 5th - 19th - FREE Writing Time to Finish Up
January 2nd - 23rd - Editing, Refining, Draft Printing
February 6th - 27th - Publishing & Planning Book Launch

Saturday Mark 21st OR 28th will be an official Book Launch of their work!

Cost: $500 or $100 per month per child starting October 1st
Workbook FREE in a Dropbox, please print in advance.

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