Theresa K. Scarlet Jory
Cell #: (514) 799-9412         
Email: scarletcougar@gmail.com
English (written & spoken) and conversational French 

2005 - 2011                  Concordia University
2015 - present                  ·      MA History & Philosophy of Religion 
                                                 Foci: Alternative Spirituality & East Asian Religions

2002 - 2005                 Concordia University
·       BA Honours Religion (graduated with Distinction)
·       Psychology of Education course (ECEE program)
·       Several courses in Adult Education
·       Certificate in training/teaching as a TA (Teacher’s Aid)

1999 – 2000                Vanier College
·      Studied the Animal Health Technology (completed 1st of 3 years)

1994 – 1997                Concordia University Center for Continuing Education
·        Certificate in Journalism
·        Certificate in Graphic Design
·        Certificate in Technical Communication

1991 – 1995                Concordia University
·       BA major Classical Studies / minor Anthropology
·       Art Education

Primary Work Experience:
Concordia University (September -December 2016)
·      Teaching Assistant within the classroom for Prof. DiTomasso
·      Correcting & grading student essays
·      Coaching students to improve their essay writing
·      Providing support for the guest lecturers in the teacher's absence
·      Helping maintain the Moodle site with needed and supplementary reading material for the students 

MLS (Montreal Language Studies) (September 2013 – present)
·      Teaching English to corporate clients

College Maisonneuve (September-December 2013)
·      Teaching English as a Second Language (Intermediate Conversational)
·      Developing educational materials

Stepping Up 2 High School (July 2013 – 2016)
·      Preparing elementary students for their entry examinations and interviews into High School
·      Providing specialized tutoring in English Language Arts for both the elementary and high school levels
·      Coordinating a Young Writers Program for grades 5-7

·      published an article in Aontacht Magazine (“Zen of Tea”) June 1013
·      published as author and editor of a book (Magical Blend: Book of Secrets, vol. 1) July 1013
·      published chapter about the Gnostic Goddess Sophia in an Anthology by Moon Books due out Summer 2014

The Magical Blend / Le Mélange Magique (July 1999 – June 2013)
·      Co-owner since 2011. Employee since 1999.
·      Manager, sales, customer service, purchase ordering, web and manual mail-order, workshop and event coordination and teacher, public relations, employee management and team building, employee training, production, sales, cashier.

Dawson College (2011 – present)
·      Guest lecturer about ritual practices in Contemporary Pagan religions.

Marianopolis College (2011 – present)
·      Guest lecturer about funerary rites and the understanding of death in Contemporary Pagan religions.

Concordia University (April 2009 - May 2010)
·      Guest lecturer about practices in Contemporary Pagan religions.

Lester B. Pearson English School Board (2001-2011)
·        Substitute teaching all levels all subjects as needed (usually English, cultural studies and art)
·        Designed a 2-week art program for grades K through 3

Crescent Moon School (1995 – present)
·      Designing, researching and performing seminars and workshops on various cultural and religious subjects to adults, developing curriculum for the long-term study program, as well as writing both textbooks and presentation material

American Academy of Religion (November 2009)
·        Managing registration and hosting for the international conference Job Bank

Concordia University (April 2009 - May 2010)
·      Research Assistant for an interdisciplinary team for SOTL (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning)
·      Compiling research and conducting surveys
·      Presenting our finding in a local SOTL conference held at the school 

Secondary Work Experience:
Wiccan Scholar (2005 – present)
·      serving the Montreal community, providing advice and guidance, assisting with rituals and coordination of public and private religious events, performing rites of passage (baby blessings, weddings, funerals), guest speaker at CEGEPS and universities about Wicca or as part of interfaith panels, speaking at conferences and festivals, coordinating Gaia Gathering Canadian National Pagan Conference (for 2010-2011), public relations with the media.

NDG Animal Hospital (July 2002 – 2005)
·        Reception and assisting Vet Technician

WynterGreene Magazine (2000 – 2003)
·        Layout, writing, editing, management and publishing
Animal Health Clinic (Summer 1999)
·        Volunteering as assistant to the Vet Tech.

Other Activities and Interests:
  • Arts & Crafts & Gardening
  • Researching Ancient Cultures and Religions
  • Writing Poetry & Fiction
  • Assisting with moderation of an online forum (coordinating events and assisting with the writing boards to help teens become better writers)
  • Writing instructional material
  • Coordinating the events and activities at a spiritual community center called Studio Sacred Space
  • Published author (self-published and published in a collected work by John Hunt Publishing’s imprint Moon Books)
Letters of reference and other documents are available upon request.
Portfolio of works available upon request.

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