Founded by Scarlet in 1994, Montreal’s own school of neo-Pagan study has undergone several incarnations. Today, after twenty years of evolution, Scarlet and her team of educators and facilitators are proud to present Crescent Moon School.

Crescent Moon offers a broad program in studying cultures and pantheons, history of religions, and cultural magical techniques, all subjects which are of interest and value to the modern Pagan practitioner. The goal of Crescent Moon School is to introduce people to a variety of magical paths and modern Pagan religions. It does not teach a specific path, but rather aims at helping each student discover their own path and potential.

Currently, Crescent Moon offers a concise 4-level program. Level 1 is offered twice a year in September and February, and lasts approximately 18 to 20 weeks. Level 2 and 3 are offered in September only for about 24-27 weeks each. Level 4 involves specialization, and thus is negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

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Level 1: Seeker ($450 includes 3 workbooks & a reading pack)

3 hrs once per week for 18-20 weeks
The Seeker, or Newcomer, level provides foundational lessons in:
  • Creative Pagan Arts (dance and chants, imporov, sound and movement)
  • Health and Healing (meditation and relaxation, alternative healing methods)
  • Magic (basic energy work: centering & grounding and circle casting, elements, tools, symbols and other correspondences, altars and shrines) 
  • Nature Sciences (gardening, connecting with the energies of nature)
  • Pagan History (general Pagan history of the movement, gods and goddesses around the world)
  • Pathwork (knowing thyself)
  • Research & Writing (journalling, history of language and writing, essay writing)
  • Societal Sciences (Sabbat cooking, survival)
  • basic mysteries 
  • attending an esbat and a sabbat ritual, calling a quarter in ritual
Level 2: Journey(wo)man ($450 includes reading material)

3 hrs once per week for 24-27 weeks
The Journeyman/Journeywoman level provides expanding lessons in:
  • Creative Pagan Arts(sabbat and cultural crafts, drama and ritual, drumming, bard craft)
  • Health and Healing (stress management, counseling, gender issues)
  • Magic (more energy work: sensing energy and basic shielding, plant/animal/stone lore, divination) 
  • Nature Sciences (science & magic)
  • Pagan History (religions and practices around the world, evolution of Paganism)
  • Pathwork (exploring personal astral sacred space and finding a spirit guide)
  • Rituals (creating sacred space, simple rituals, tool dedications)
  • Research & Writing (Book of Shadows, recognizing well-researched work, writing reports)
  • participating in an esbat and a sabbat

Level 3: Witchcraft ($450 includes reading material)

3 hrs once per week for 24-27 weeks
The Witchcraft level provides advanced lessons in:
  • Creative Pagan Arts (creating Craft tools)
  • Magic (energy work: spellcrafting, divination, potion making, spirit work, and offensive/defensive magic) 
  • Nature Sciences (ley lines)
  • Pagan History (sacred places, cultural methods of magic, people of the Craft, covens & solitaries, role of clergy)
  • Ritual (designing rituals, rites of passage)
  • Research & Writing (magical codes, technology, public speaking)
  • Societal Sciences (diplomacy, etiquette, ethics, family, magical cooking)
  • leading an esbat and a sabbat within the school with a group
  • giving a 20min. presentation

Level 4: Lay Clergy ($450)

3-4 hrs once per week for 24-27 weeks
The Lay Clergy level provides advanced lessons in:

  • Creative Pagan Arts (ritual garb)
  • Health and Healing (path of the healer, religious counseling)
  • Magic (wards, sigils, seals, trance, path of the warrior) 
  • Pagan History (coven dynamics, clergyhood)
  • Ritual (rites of passage, liturgy, ritual leadership, temples, drawing down divine)
  • Research & Writing (scribing, keeping records)
  • Societal Sciences (Craft laws, leadership, teaching)
  • advanced mysteries 
  • lead a public ritua
  • engage in Pagan community service

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