Professional Bio
T. Scarlet Jory is a university graduate with experience teaching all elementary levels (most subjects) through substitute teaching in the Lester B Pearson School Board of Montreal. She has Bachelor degrees in Classics/Anthropology and in Honors Religious Studies/Adult Education. Currently, She is working on her Masters degree in Religion with the foci of Paganism/Wicca and East Asian Religions (Taoism, Buddhism, Zen). Her passions include writing and inspiring people to read, to research, and also to write. She has published both books and several articles. Writing is a medium of expression like any art. She is called a wordsmith by her readers: a wordsmith with a calling to teach and to encourage others to love learning.

Informal Bio

Birthday: July 24th, 1972. I am a Leo on a Cancer cusp with something like 0° Aquarius/Capricorn rising. Not that I understand what that means. I was born at a time when as we grew up we played in the street with tennis balls and hockey sticks, made ramps out of wood and bricks to jump with our bikes, and were not afraid to play hide-and-go-seek as the streetlight lit up. No one plays outside like that anymore. I have to thank my parent for a well-rounded upbringing and their genes for looking younger than my age.

Appearance: I have natural red hair. Yes I am a "real" red-head, no you cannot find a dye for that colour. It isn't curly, mostly straight with some waves and completely refuses to stay where I pin it! My eyes are blue-grey with a hint of sea-green. I am 5-ft 2.5-inches tall. YES the .5 is very important to me! Other than that I am pretty average looking. I wear glasses, need them for reading and driving. I like to be athletic but some injuries interfere with being ideally athletic. I prefer to dress comfortable and a bit preppy, sometimes a like a sleek classy look. But if it results in discomfort after 20min... forget it. Practical and rugged trumps all other clothing. I like to tie my hair up even if my Mom says I look severe. I cannot stand it tickling my face, ears or neck. Must be from the military training I had in my late teens.  It is so thick that it is frustrating and time-consuming to get creative with it. I save that for special occasions.

Personality: I am ENFJ on a Myers-Briggs test. That is Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging. You can look it up online in various places. Although I am growing more and more introverted with age. I don't like crowds and I do not like too much direct (in group) attention on me. I don't like big deals being made of things and try to keep things copacetic. I do not like conflict but will not back down from it if the cause is honourable. I live by my codes: Honour is the Law, Love is the Bond AND Be true to your word, your path and yourself.

Food: I like food. I am an omnivore, thanks. But I do have food allergies and dislikes. Sage is BAD BAD BAD... in the fatal sense (especially burned as an incense). Chocolate is also very bad in the anaphylactic sense. Coffee tastes yummy but makes me ill and I am sensitive to milk. I like Pasta and I like sweet wines and apple juice. I like Chicory instead of coffee and Carob instead of chocolate.

Relationship(s): I am married to a wonderful supportive guy. I have several very dear friends that I value with my very life. Relationships are important for me.

Politics: I am SOOOO not political. 99% of the political agendas and political people do not reflect the needs of the general populous. Although I am glad to be Canadian where there is lots more open-mindedness, tolerance, and education.

Religion: Syncretic Wicca blending Euro-Celtic Wicca with East Asian Philosophies.

Education: DEC in Science; BA major Classical Studies / minor Anthropology; Certifications in Journalism, Graphic Design, and Technical Documentation; BA Honours with Distinction in Religion / minor Adult Education; currently working on MA of Religion. Otherwise, I am a student of life and have applied myself diligently to learning and understand people, cultures and religions. I love to teach too, and have been doing so at the elementary, college, university and private levels. I even run my own school.

Career Goals: Learn & Teach! Oh... and be able to live off the pay from it. I don't expect to be wealthy, just comfortable.

Secret Self: In all the stories that I write, I am the feline humanoid; I am the assassin who is honorable, shy, and always asks why; and I am the priestess committed to a higher purpose. As confident as I appear when in front of a group for presentations and teaching, I am actually really shy and somewhat insecure. By the way... I feel completely silly, even ridiculous for having written all this about me for you all to read! *blush*

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