Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Writing Update

There is something greatly satisfying to write something say DONE! Happy dances ensue around the hone then. No... I am not yet done. But so close that I can almost lick the last pages for flavor testing. Hm... that is an odd analogy. I am in an odd but excited mood.

I have joined a monthly wiring group that is helping me with my more exploratory and creative writing. I am EAGER to sink my teeth back into fanfic and fiction writing.

The artwork for "The Magical Blend Book of Secrets, Volume 2 - Book of Spells and Rituals" is almost all added in now. I am working out pagination issues at the moment. Then I will add in a wonderful suggestions from someone. A list of recommended readings. I am still struggling with the color of the cover. I will try to lock that down by Friday.

Self-Publishing is both easy and hard for the very same reasons.
  1. You have final say and editing of your work. But, you can sometimes be your own worst critic. Or, you might not be able to see your true errors, blinded by familiarity with your manuscript.
  2. You get to choose your cover and payout. Ya... you. That can be good or awful.
  3. You don't have to negotiate with publishers and agents for the printing or marketing of your book. But sometimes, you will really wish someone else were handling that.
Marketing yourself is a huge challenge to both your confidence and your time.

I write because I love to write. I am always shocked to hear that someone loves what I wrote. One day, I hope to make some money from this love of mine. Not a lot. That is okay. But something to help me keep going with less worries.

Do what you love and love what you do.

I write.
I teach.
I hope to inspire.

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