Friday, April 18, 2014

Beltain Fair Plots & Plans

So I have been working on a collection of events to flank The Magical Blend's Beltane Fair.
It will be at Chimeras Cafe and Games.

First (Friday April 26th 7-10pm), I am hosting an Author event where I have 2 authors (3 if you include myself) presenting and selling our creations. Next (Saturday April 26th 10am-6pm), I will have a vending table at the Fair and give a talk on the Introduction to Chakras (at 4pm). Then (Sunday April 27th 1-3pm), I will be hosting a public ritual for Beltain.

Life is full of ups and downs, life's leaps and limbos. My ups and downs have been huge in this planning. The biggest down is that the second volume of The Magical Blend Book of Spells & Rituals will not be ready. It still needs artwork inside. The biggest up is how amazing the students of Crescent Moon School have been in helping with the production and performance of the ritual.

Here are the talks I will be giving and when:

Friday, April 25th 9pm: The Apothecary
Welcome to a short talk about the history of what an apothecary was from the Middle Ages to what it is today, how it influenced and inspired a Pagan shop, and how it has permeated our contemporary media: roleplaying games, films, and literature.

Saturday, April 26th 4pm: Introduction to Chakras
Chakra balancing is an incredible experience for body, mind, and spirit. In this introduction, learn about each of the chakras in brief, along with some of their correspondences. Some techniques for connecting with and cleansing the chakras will also be discussed. Dates for the popular 8-week Chakra series will be announced at this time.

If you are curious about the book (Magical Blend BOS volume 2), then check out my facebook page where I am posting versions of the cover for people's opinions.

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