Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Writing Life...

As a student and teacher, I cannot escape (not that I would want to) all the writing I must do. I write evaluations. I write academic papers and presentations. I teach about writing. I write fanfiction for the fun of it. I explore the fin of writing with fountain pens. On occasion, I write poetry.

An average week looks like this for me:
- teaching and hosting discussions or rituals on the weekend
- crafting in preparation for a kids fun learning and writing program
- takes a class on Material Culture in Religion
- writing weekly papers for that class
- researching and writing a larger paper for that class
- working on lesson plans and evaluating corporate executives to whom I teach ESL (English as a Second Language)
- writing about 2-5k words in various novels and fanfiction stories I am working on
- practicing with my fountain pens to improve my penmanship... and because it is fun
- TAing (being a Teaching Assistant) a course on Cults & NRMs (New Religious Movements)

This particular week is full of all sorts of things:
- Writing a presentation on Sand Mandalas as Material Culture in Tibetan Buddhism
- Correcting exams for the ESL class
- Correcting essays for Cults & NRMs class
- planning a discussion about religious inclusion for Sunday
- transcribing 3 handwritten chapters for one novel
- hopefully writing a chapter for a neglected novel

In all of this, I am enjoying teaching my daughter to love writing with a fountain pen as well. Below are the pictures of my daughter (2 1/2 years old with a quill) and her little art work, some poetry or affirmations, and an example of the MANY pages handwritten of a chapter that needs transcribing.

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