Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Projects List May 2016

BABY... yes, she takes up the majority of my time.

But that has not stopped me from thinking about writing...

Here is a list of the current writing projects:
  • Young Writers Anthology volume 2
  • Secular Ethics & Paganism Research Paper
  • Esoteric Buddhism & Paganism: Rites of Initiation Comparison Paper
  • Try again to format French MMBOS v2
  • Zen of Tea book with a section on Meditation with Tea
  • Fair Fundraiser Anthology: Words from the Community
  • Consider a third MMBOS volume: Wisdom from the Staff
  • Work on Chakra book
  • review fanfiction stories that are all pending new installments
  • Crash Course English Tutoring for Grades 5/6 in Preparation for High School Entrance Exams
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Spelling & Vocabulary
    • Grammar / Writing Conventions
    • Paragraph & Essay Writing
My current focus are the first three on the list.

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