Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Part of the publishing process is encountering rejection. It is a hard reality to realize your hard work is not acceptable by a particular publishing company and may not be by any publishing company, especially if they require you to consider the means by which you market your work. That, I would consider their job to figure out, otherwise I might as well have self-published to begin with.

So that is what I will end up doing in the end.

Zen, Tea, Magic & Meditation

While it really hurt to be rejected, I do understand. My work is fairly academic with a goodly splash of spirituality. That is perhaps a very narrow market of people. Not what a publisher out to make money wants to see. They want marketable. They want something that will turn some kind of profit.

Zen, Tea, Magic & Meditation

This one will have to go the route of self-publishing when it is finished.

To the tea lovers out there... Look for it around Yule/Christmas.

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