Sunday, September 14, 2014

2014 Cosplay Self-Crafted Shadowhunter Components:

This is a VERY long post of the creation of weapons and props for cosplay. Nothing teaches you more about your characters than how things are made and used. Great learning experience. Also... this is VERY picture heavy. Enjoy!

Bow Creation:

1-      I spray painted an old hickory self-bow with black tremclad.
2-      With a silver sharpie, I drew on three runes for :deflecting and for precision.

Arrow Creation:

1-       I snapped 2 wooden dowels in half, sanded them, and used them as arrow shafts.
2-       I made the arrowheads and the fletching from craft foam.
3-       I glued on the arrowheads and the fletchings with a glue gun
4-      Then I spray painted them silver and used a black sharpie to mark runes on them for Angelic Power and Pain to Demons


Stele Creation:

1-       Cut the tab off a sharpie and glue 3 long stir sticks to the sharpie, tie the end with thread
2-       Glue a quartz crystal to the end of the cap
3-      Cover with foil tape
4-       With a black sharpie, mark runes on it.

Seraph Daggers & Glowing Swords:

1-      First, I got a huge piece of plexiglass and cut it into strips for daggers and swords.
2-      The daggers were stenciled from a real dagger I own and then cut out of the smaller plexiglass pieces.
      3-      The sharp edges of the daggers were sanded down with a mop sander, as were each flat side.

4-      I stenciled a broad sword for the swords and cut it with a scroll saw (thanks to dad’s help).
5-      Each sword is 3 layers of plexiglass with holes cut in 2 layers for the mini LED light.
6-      The layers are then sealed together with a special acetone/keytone liquid that melts the plexiglass and makes the layers stick together
7-      I then popped the LED light into the hole to light the sword up.
8-      Then sharp edges are cut smooth with a saw I cannot name (thanks dad).
9-      The plexiglass was too clear to glow properly, so the flat sides were scuffed with sandpaper so the light had something to reflect off of.

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