Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sophia Essay for Moon Books

Writing an essay for publication is a great honor. It is also a great challenge. You want to to be good. You want it well research. You want it to touch people and be remembered.  Yet, it is only an ESSAY. That means it has to be short. You are not writing a full feature article. You are not writing an educational manuscript or a novel. This is 1000 words... only.

I just finished 52K words for a fiction novel in November. 1000 words should be fast and easy.

So why am I still here at the beginning with piles of books and papers around me, all with highlighting and little sticky tabs?

Because the material warrants more than 1000 words and I only have 1000 words. I have written and rewritten the outline no less than 7 times. The number 7 must be lucky here, for I have 5 topics to cover plus the introduction and conclusion.

I.                   Sophia
a.       Historical Context
                                                              i.      Wisdom Literature
                                                            ii.      Gnostic Beliefs
b.      Contemporary Context
                                                              i.      Gnostic Sophian Spirituality
                                                            ii.      Feminist Sophian Spirituality
c.       Personal Context
                                                              i.      Pagan Sophian Spirituality

Sophia is a goddess of Wisdom.

The official essay, you will have to read through Moon Books.

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